Call for recruitment of Individual Consultant

 Ambasel Trading House PLC is a subsidiary of TIRET Corporate that owned by the Amhara national regional state.

Ambasel is one of the leading players in import-export, wholesale distribution and business representation sectors in the nation, established on November 1994 G.C under the commercial code of Ethiopia.

The company currently operates more than 3.5 billion birr annual turnover. The firm is operating in almost all over the nation. The Head office being located in Addis, it has branch offices in Addis, Gondar, Bahir dar, and Dessie. It has also one huge sesame processing unit in Gondar and sub branches in Adama, Hawassa, Debre berhan, Woldya, Debre markos, Chagni and Debre tabor.


  1. Now the company envisaged introduction of ERP (enterprise resource planning), into its internal business process as part of its continued performance improvement initiative in view of ensuring and/or exceeding its customer expectations and hence achieving sustained profitability to its owners..
  2. The company plan to prepare its business road map and needs the service of qualified experienced consultant in respected field to support the project team from planning to execution stages

We are here by invited interested and qualified individuals for the same purpose based on detailed requirements here under.


1)    Position Title- ERP consultant


Duties and Responsibilities

The Consultant will be primarily responsible for supervising and providing support for the ERP implementation. S/He/ will permanently be stationed with and advice our technical team and will be handling the whole process from planning to execution of the project.

  • Review, understand and evaluate the current business Process flow
  • Design and recommend appropriate business process flow that helps the company to be competitive and profitable.
  • Review and evaluate technical design, specification and technical quality issues and processes
  • Analyze and understand detailed business software requirements or provide mapping or business process flow requirements and software solutions
  • Recommend appropriate software and hard for the ERP program
  • Prepare datacenter proposal
  • Prepare ERP software & Hardware  TOR, bid documents then after should assist the company in technical evaluation of bidders and recommend the appropriate bidder
  • Determining information system requirements and defining project objectives
  • Designing, and testing upon  installation new systems and software
  • Coordinate and collaborate workflow processes and issues in designing and testing.
  • Supervise the implementation processes of the ERP throughout the company
  • The ERP Consultant will be responsible to organize User Training and Support
  • The ERP Consultant responsible for Advising the system configuration and data migration is part of responsibilities as well.
  • The ERP Consultant will coordinate with other branches of the company to ensure their needs are met in any upgrades of the system. They will then develop a cohesive plan to be presented to the relevant company management.
  • Writing reports and documentation & Reveal the progress to the management of the company.
  • Responsible for approval of the software & hardware  implementation when time of delivery
  • Responsible for handling other issues which are not mentioned above but are important to the implementation of the ERP




Job specification 

Minimum Qualification

  • MSc/BSc in Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science & IT related relevant field with 8 and 6 years of experience respectively or MA/MBA/BA in accounting, and management or related business fields with an additional IT certifications & 8 and 6 years of experience respectively.
  • Professional certification if any.


  • Experience in Consulting Similar projects.
  • Proven experience on ERP implementation in relevant companies(merchandise business)
  • Experience with various operating systems and databases.
  • Experience in project management (IT related projects).


2) Position Title- Business road map preparation consultant


Duties and Responsibilities

The Consultant will be primarily responsible for supervising, supporting and advising the team formed for the same project.


  • The consultant conducts independent review of existing, mission, vision and goals of the company; review all business, human capital, marketing and other activities of the company.
  • Give training to the management and project team
  • The consultant gives advice to the team until the study team finalizes its project and getting approval by the management.
  • The consultant conducts presentation to the management the proposed company business road map.

Job specification 

Minimum Qualification

  • PhD/MA/MBA/BA in business administration, economics, management, business management, or related business fields & 8, 10 and 12 years of relevant experience respectively.
  • Professional certification if any.


  • Experience in Consulting Similar activities.


For both positions

Location – Addis Ababa

Employment type – contract

Salary – negotiable

Quantity – one for each position

Registration date  – 10 working days starting from this announcement

Interview/exam- will be informed by telephone


Applicants who fulfil the above criteria can apply in person with application letter, CV and non-returnable educational and work experience document.


Address: Addis Abeba, Wollo sefer, ethio- China friendship road, Ambasel Building, 5th floor, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Tele: 0114666668/0114700346

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