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Good News:- ATH Win The 8th Round International Conference On Pulses and Oil Seeds 2018

እንኳን ደስ አላችሁ!!

በ2010 ዓም በአገራችን ከተደረጉ የዉጭ ንግዶች እሴት በተጨመረበት የቅባት እህል የዉጭ ንግድ የዓመቱ ከፍትኛ አፈጻጸም በማሳየት የአንደኛ ደረጃ ተሽላሚ እና በቅባት እህል የዉጭ ንግድ የሁለተኛ ደረጃ ተሽላሚ በመሆን የእዉቅና ምስክር ወረቀቶች እና የዋንጫ ሽልማት ማግኝት በመቻሉ የተሰማንን ደስታ እንገልጻለን፡፡


Our Company Got an Award for Becoming the 1st Exports of the year 2017/18 on Exporting Oil Seeds From Ethiopia. and also Got Another Award for becoming the 2nd Exporter of Oil Seed in this fiscal year.


Event :- Business Opportunities with Indian Business Delegates!

Ambasel trading House PLC(ATH) is one of the leading import export company among other firms. In order to maintain strong business the company will attend in B2B at Dream-liner Hotel October 25,2018  from
9:00 A.M-1:00AM.
   ATH Is  your Reliable &Sustainable Business Partner