Ambasel trading House PLC

Ambasel Trading House PLC is 100% locally owned company under the Umbrella of a development organization known as TIRET (which means endeavor). Our company has 25 years old experience in importing, exporting and whole selling products. It has an excellent relationship with agro products buyers in Europe, the Middle East, Japan, china, the United States of America (USA) and India. We export Products Such as Coffee Arabica, Oilseeds (Sesame Seed, Tahini Paste, and Hulled Sesame & Niger Seed), Pulses (Haricot Beans & chick Peas) & Gum (Olibanum). We also import Products such as Different Agrochemical’s, Water pump And Hose, sickle (Lapajarita), Generators, Beer Inputs , Cash register machines, Reinforcement Bar and Different electronics & accessories

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